Connected Learning is an online platform for parents and carers to get one-to-one advice to support their child’s learning.

Through Connected Learning we invite parents and carers to ask any questions they might have and our volunteer mentors will do their very best to answer them.

Our volunteer mentors include members of the community with language, tech and subject-specific expertise, teachers and other parents. Importantly, we also offer support in different languages - see our contact page here for details. If you are interested in volunteering we would love to hear from you, please get in touch.

Connected Learning is not a tutoring service. Volunteer mentors are able to respond to questions on the chat function of this website. If you need help and are unable to use the website, you can call a volunteer on the numbers below. For safeguarding purposes we can only accept requests for support on this website from adults over the age of 18.

We started developing Connected Learning to support families when schools were closed during lockdown, but believe it can be a helpful place for parents to get additional support with schools open again as well.

Call +44 (0)7512 176337 or +44 (0)7864 330162 if you need help using the website.

How it Works

Send a Help Request
Send us a message about what you would like help with. This can be in English or in any other language that you can see listed on the language options. Or call us on +44 (0)7512 176337 or +44 (0)7864 330162 if you need help using the website.

Connected Learning
Our volunteer mentors can hopefully help with your request by sharing resources, advice and having a chat!

Popular Resources
We know it can be hard to know what activities or learning materials to use with your child, so we've listed a few to help get you started. See our Resources page here for the full list!

Early Years
Click here for Learn Through Play activities. Click here for information on preparing your child for starting reception next year. These resources are available in a number of different languages.

Games and Discovery
Click here to play games and practice Maths, English and Science, or let your child’s imagination go outta space with Nasa's Kids Club.

Trouble with Tech?
Having trouble with technology? Click here for a guide on how to use Zoom or find out how to use Google Classroom here. Or get in touch with one of our mentors!