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Connected Learning is part of Schools With Roots, a project run by the charity Maslaha, to support UK primary schools to develop sustainable practice around engaging with their local communities and families.

Maslaha is a charity based in London that seeks to change and challenge the conditions that create inequalities for Muslim and other marginalised communities in areas such as education, gender, criminal justice, health, negative media coverage and a continued climate of racism and Islamophobia.

Connected Learning is an online community that connects parents and carers with one another, as well as with teachers, IT professionals, and those with language skills. Our mentors speak a range of languages and offer free help and advice on anything from how to use Zoom, ideas for educational games and activities to do at home, translating resources or subject specific help. We aim to create a respectful, understanding and kind space where people feel comfortable to ask questions and seek guidance and support.

Contribute to Help Us Run

Whether your expertise is in education, translation, web development, or UX design, we could always do with an extra pair of helping hands. So feel free to contact us to contribute to Connected Learning - we'd love to hear from you!

Special thanks to...

The Connected Learning website was developed as part of a hackathon to build solutions to problems posed by Covid 19. The team who worked on the project with Maslaha are:

Aisha D'Souza
Full Stack Developer
Fiona Mitchell
Graphic Designer
Ines Guerrero
Full Stack Developer
Melenie Schatynski
Full Stack Developer
Michelle Brien
Full Stack Developer
Mindy Jhakra
Technology Manager (Organiser)
Rebecca Fitzsimmons
Full Stack Developer
Roshni Mahtani
UX Designer
Sandeep Thandi
UX Designer
Win San Pang
Frontend Developer

Thanks also to the following for their post-hackathon support.

Rails Development
Development Support and Advice